The NZ Powerhouse Institute believes in a state-funded, privately provided education sector in which competition boosts achievement for our kids. We believe in the Partnership School scheme and we think expanding it is a good move with its proven benefits.

Law & Order

The NZ Powerhouse Institute believes there is no place in New Zealand for crime and that the primary role of the state is to protect her citizenry. We don’t, however, believe in the War on Drugs. We would like to see liberalized drug laws, freeing space in our jails for violent offenders to be locked up.


Auckland’s house price boom is due to a shortage in supply. The Institute believes we ought to reform the council taxation system and liberalize planning restrictions – repealing the Resource Management Act and restricting city planners’ purview – to enable and encourage private sector building. We have set out a comprehensive housing regulatory reform plan to do just that.


Superannuation is recognized by Treasury and the Institute as the key fiscal challenge facing the New Zealand government. New Zealand requires a comprehensive plan to rethink superannuation while keeping current and soon-to-be pensioners secure: we believe our plan for comprehensive pension reform will solve the fiscal and other problems with our current universal pension.


The Institute knows that climate change is a key issue facing New Zealand and the world and wants a comprehensive plan to decrease New Zealand’s harmful emissions and eventually become a carbon-sink. We have detailed a comprehensive discussion on how introducing a simpler system of carbon taxation would achieve this.


The Institute believes our health system could be doing better. We propose a long-term transition to more competitive, specialized national health system in which preventative care, patient choice and public health are at the forefront.

Public Finance

New Zealanders deserve an efficient, accountable government. We ought to establish an efficiency board in Treasury to analyse line-by-line agency budgets and expenses in order to provide better services at a lower cost. We also ought to reform the broken state-owned enterprise system and cut personal tax rates.


New Zealand’s roading system requires attention as does our public transportation. The Institute believes that providing strong transportation, networking and electrical networks are paramount roles of the state and believe we can provide higher-quality results at lower costs.